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“Ænema” WoW Guild

Alliance EU-Auchindoun    (armory)
Progress MilestoneTime (GMT)WorldEURealm
Alone in the Darkness (H)n/a
Observed (H)Oct 22, 2009 21:0786218
Unlock Algalon's Room (H)Sep 15, 2009 18:1289417
The Descent into Madness (H)Jun 22, 2009 20:343958118

AchievementTime (GMT)WorldEURealmScore
Observed (H)Oct 22, 2009 21:0786218179.17 / 375.00
Firefighter (H)Sep 15, 2009 18:129881773.89 / 150.00
3 x Knock on Wood (H)Sep 14, 2009 20:1810471866.67 / 150.00
I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning (H)Sep 10, 2009 19:22177911020.67 / 45.00
I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare (H)Aug 12, 2009 18:58294111417.22 / 30.00
Lose Your Illusion (H)Aug 10, 2009 20:18193511025.67 / 45.00
I Choose You, Steelbreaker (H)Aug 3, 2009 19:2013351827.50 / 45.00
Heartbreaker (H)Jul 15, 2009 18:09312711335.67 / 45.00
Orbit-uary (H)Jul 8, 2009 17:41292111115.50 / 22.50
The Descent into Madness (H)Jun 22, 2009 20:34395811828.19 / 37.50
The Keepers of Ulduar (H)May 28, 2009 18:1359251248.83 / 10.50
The Antechamber of Ulduar (H)May 20, 2009 19:02109771336.53 / 7.50
The Siege of Ulduar (H)May 10, 2009 19:05115631346.81 / 7.50
Glory of the Ulduar Raider (H)Oct 12, 2009 19:4697519 
ObservedSep 26, 2009 19:501733111 
Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare (H)Sep 23, 2009 21:121986111 
Crazy Cat Lady (H)Sep 16, 2009 20:371731112 
Con-speed-atory (H)Sep 16, 2009 19:19176919 
Unlock Algalon's Room (H)Sep 15, 2009 18:1289417 
2 x Knock on Wood (H)Sep 14, 2009 20:18132118 
Knock on Wood (H)Sep 14, 2009 20:183143114 
Shutout (H)Sep 12, 2009 18:5031549175 
Cheese the Freeze (H)Aug 12, 2009 19:224241117 
Disarmed (H)Jul 22, 2009 19:077825121 
I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim (H)Jul 19, 2009 20:313646119 
Shattered (H)Jul 9, 2009 21:1215177140 
Orbital Bombardment (H)Jul 8, 2009 17:4111618122 
Nuked from Orbit (H)Jul 8, 2009 17:413638111 
Orbital Devastation (H)Jul 8, 2009 17:416969118 
Drive Me Crazy (H)Jun 29, 2009 18:463920115 
Stokin' the Furnace (H)Jun 24, 2009 18:282809111 
Nerf Engineering (H)Jun 24, 2009 18:1116635136 
I Have the Coolest Friends (H)May 27, 2009 20:239215129 
I'll Take You All On (H)May 24, 2009 19:267624128 
A Quick Shave (H)May 20, 2009 17:348573130 
Nerf Gravity Bombs (H)May 4, 2009 18:1913037131 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 6
Recruiting (outdated):
all classes
Please read the below information carefully.
Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact any of the officers in game. (Natalieh, Thompzy Meshlok & Lyxo @ Auchindoun)

Note: Even if your class/spec/role is not listed above, we will always consider all exceptional applications if we feel you could become an asset to us. We are always looking for players who can prove to us they are capable of playing this game to a standard we require and can earn their raiding spot.

We now have what we feel to be the important classes, roles and buffs covered, however in order to make us more comfortable on numbers incase of absences we have space for the following:

Holy Priest (High)
Holy Paladin (High)
Warlock (High)
Druid tank (High)
Enhancement Shaman (High)
Death Knight Tank/DPS (both speccs) (High)

Applicants are expected to write as much relevant information as possible in their post. If you take time and effort to write a good application, we will take our time to give it full consideration. Applications that have been written in two minutes will be rejected without any second thought.

Please note that all applications will either simply be "Declined" or "Accepted". We will not go into detail to tell you what is wrong with your character or application, we simply either want you or dont want you. Please do not follow up applications by whispering officers in game to ask how your application is looking or question why you were declined.

The application will be used by us to determine whether or not you are the right person for guild. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure its a good one!

Below you can find a rough guideline on how to set out your application post on our forums by clicking new thread about this post:

Title: (<Character Name>, <Class>, <Mainspec>)
Personal information (Name, Age, Nationality, ***)
Armory link
Raiding / Guild history (Please also include dates)
Screenshot of UI in raid environment (If Possible - can upload picture to photobucket etc.)

Why you wish to join us and why you wish to raid 25man content

How you approach your character (Which gems, talents, enchants, rotation etc you use and why)

Why we should accept your application

Any upcoming events in your life that may prevent you from playing. (We strongly urge you to not apply if you can't commit a good amount of your free time to the game, especially during your Trial period where you will be closely monitored.

Videos of character in action are also welcome

Again, the above is a rough guideline, this is really the minimum information we require and we strongly encourage you to write as much relevant information as possible. You do not have to follow the same format as above, as long as your application is well written and contains plenty of worthwhile content it will be reviewed. Good luck!

We appreciate some people may not want their application to be public for a number of reasons. The private applications should be sent to this e-mail adress. (recommended for a somewhat faster reply)

Or pm the whole application to anyone of these persons:

* Sdb
* Meshlok
* Lyvina
* Mehbeh
profile administrator(s): Furra
last updated by Furra 3 years ago
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Level 100 Members: 12, Unique Players: 7

RankCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelSimDPS
3Stumpzz (u)29.41647.2021363.3
5Stumpichan (u)0.70636.44
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