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“Lucent” WoW Guild

Alliance EU-Silvermoon    (armory)
Progress: 11/14 (H)
West: 3934
EU: 2655
EU English: 1112
Realm: 55
West: 11036
EU: 6814
EU English: 2421
Realm: 150
Encounter First Kill Videos West EU Realm Fastest Kill
+ H: Thok the Bloodthirsty (10)Feb 3, 2014 22:17 18731339211382m 55s
+ H: Spoils of Pandaria (10)Jan 13, 2014 21:00 225916222921m 42s
+ H: Malkorok (10)Dec 17, 2013 20:54 225416313521m 08s
+ H: Kor'kron Dark Shaman (10)Dec 3, 2013 19:56 264819083719m 01s
+ H: General Nazgrim (10)Nov 26, 2013 19:50 264918604315m 20s
+ H: Iron Juggernaut (10)Nov 19, 2013 19:56 265918783616m 30s
+ H: Galakras (10)Nov 12, 2013 22:10 278219734419m 03s
+ H: Sha of Pride (10)Nov 10, 2013 22:55 277819513910m 25s
+ H: Norushen (10)Nov 4, 2013 21:49 340723464313m 13s
+ H: Fallen Protectors (10)Oct 27, 2013 20:01 259918533311m 34s
+ H: Immerseus (10)Oct 20, 2013 19:072742193533
+ Garrosh Hellscream (10)Oct 15, 2013 19:09 333022353915m 29s
   Paragons of the Klaxxi (10)~Oct 6, 2013 363824254512m 36s
+ Siegecrafter Blackfuse (10)Oct 6, 2013 21:14 445829545908m 29s
+ Thok the Bloodthirsty (10)Sep 24, 2013 20:51 298220144408m 38s
+ Spoils of Pandaria (10)Sep 17, 2013 21:10231916113510m 48s
+ Malkorok (10)Sep 17, 2013 19:46 269918353710m 01s
+ General Nazgrim (10)Sep 17, 2013 18:47 305120524113m 10s
+ Kor'kron Dark Shaman (10)Sep 16, 2013 22:13314121704114m 43s
+ Iron Juggernaut (10)Sep 16, 2013 21:11 385426165708m 29s
+ Galakras (10)Sep 16, 2013 20:34417827895916m 13s
+ Sha of Pride (10)Sep 16, 2013 19:35 653541188207m 46s
+ Norushen (10)Sep 16, 2013 19:05 730945289110m 48s
+ Fallen Protectors (10)Sep 16, 2013 18:3610128619612806m 31s
+ Immerseus (10)Sep 16, 2013 18:11114136953143

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 1
all classes
“A new home heroes die for,
The final home friends reach for.”

MoP progression: (2 raids/week)

- 11/14 hc Siege of Orgrimmar (Stopped progression in February 2014.)

- 10/13 hc Throne of Thunder

- 6/6 hc Mogu'shan Vaults
- 3/6 hc Heart of Fear
- 4/4 n Terrace of Endless Springs

1. Who we are

What if a guild can be created with 1 raid day, experiencing most of the content? What if a guild can be created, where veterans with 10 years of experience can raid together, while also welcoming pro newcomers or casuals to cheer up the atmosphere?

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is who we are, this is what Lucent is about.

Our group consists of people, whose common hobby is raiding, yet can not or do not want to invest more than 1 day each week into playing WoW. Most of our members have known each other and raided together for a long time (dating back as far as vanilla). Our ultimate goal is to have fun together and tackle as much of the content as possible. The whole group was made and exists because we want to raid casually while maintaining our hobbies, doing sporting, having enough time with our girlfriends. This way we can enjoy raiding as much as we want to, but our lives are more important.

2. Aim of the guild

We truly wish Lucent to become a guild in the long run, which is known on the server and sought out to have fun in, while we can easily manage real life and this can be fun and hobby, instead of game-sporting with progression madness. Because we believe after 10 years this is what matters for us. We had our share of shining, most of us beat the end game bosses on the ultimate hard mode and heroic levels and yes, we’re talking about perople, who wiped 700 times on Lich King 25-man heroic. Now we want to shine showing off having the best community, who can enjoy content and raiding together, not as individuals, without pointing fingers on each other, because we need to monitor wowprogress. This guild will be the sanctuary of WoW veterans, home and learning place for newcomers, having fun and raiding in as much content on as many levels as possible.

3. Raid day and raiding hours:

- fixed day: Sunday
- 18:00-23:00 (WoW time)
We believe that on a Sunday this is managable. With 1 raid day 5 hours with a minor break should be fine, and you can get into bed before midnight if you are working or having an early class in school.

4. Who we are looking for?

Social, casual, pvp, raiding, challenge mode people. In one word EVERYONE.
We will open the gates with a less strict filtering. We’ll welcome social people too, let it be only pvp, or challenge modes or just chit chating, in which they are interested. They will still need to write a short application so we can see their attitude towards people and guild life. We are not accepting abusive behaviour among our ranks and we tend to act swictly against agression, loot-whoring and whining, that can distrupt the atmosphere of the guild.

5. Raiding difficulty:

For now we can offer normal and heroic runs for our members. We will try mythic if we have easily 20 members and we are properly geared for it. For this to happen we plan to run normal and heroic levels with 20-30 raiders in the near future. Please make sure to evaluate this properly before deciding to join our ranks.

6. Looting:

As you know in WoD there will be 2 options to choose from. One is called shared loot and the other is personal. Shared loot is what you get in normal and heroic now in MoP and personal is the LFR style. We shall keep using shared loot. We are mature enough to use that with a rolling system in my opinion and we can also gear for off-specs this way. As a final thought to add, in my opinion, in a rolling system, the ture personality of a raider can reveal itself towards loot and fellow raiders.

profile administrator(s): Geluu, Krieger90, Freeze18, Chozen
last updated by Krieger90 7 days ago
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Level 90 Members: 58, Unique Players: 20

RankCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelSimDPS
2Rozzaa (u)6065.23580.88249895.2
1Somand (u)6065.23572.87344225.5
0Chozen (u)6029.15578.31406488.2
1Gelu (u)5946.03570.87101019.7
6Angeïlus (u)4840.79570.38
2Aratharus (u)4669.98569.13338244.5
6Monacojin (u)705.79563.38294522.1
6Arctirius (u)93.05546.00
1Éclère (u)80.00552.6799279.9
5Sauronus (u)0.00505.94104806.0
5Linoventura (u)0.00482.0039749.0
5Zenchai (u)0.00459.20
5Äskönja (u)0.00459.13151783.7
5Tasestamule (u)0.00499.44
6Speckey (u)0.00512.31129740.2
6Banel (u)0.00531.00177172.2
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