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DE Guild Item Level Rankings

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RankGuildRealmItem Level
1zerø (10)Blackmoore647.02
2Erzritter (10)Dun Morogh645.74
3Integrity (25)Eredar644.20
4Such a Thing (10)Thrall644.00
5Chains of Perdition (10)Frostwolf643.03
6Puzzles (10)Zirkel des Cenarius642.66
7High Skill Musical (10)Azshara642.22
8Royal Warriors (10)Alleria641.87
9Moonzlinge (25)Azshara641.55
10Advance (25)Azshara641.12
11Cynetic (10)Aegwynn641.03
12set sail for fail (25)Nathrezim641.01
13Illusions (10)Blackmoore640.95
14Super Phun Thyme (10)Khaz'goroth640.94
15Ashes to Ashes (10)Thrall640.56
16TRaPs (10)Wrathbringer640.34
17Impact (25)Onyxia640.33
18Essential (10)Aman'Thul640.26
19uniquez (10)Dethecus640.04
20nil (25)Blackhand639.96
21Kawabunga (10)Mal'Ganis639.85
22Hope n Despair (25)Blackmoore639.77
23Rising (25)Arygos639.76
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