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EU English Guild Item Level Rankings

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RankGuildRealmItem Level
1ScrubBusters (25)The Maelstrom649.27
2The Tempted (10)Twilight's Hammer646.33
3GoodGame (25)Frostmane645.15
4Ðanish Terrace (25)Sylvanas644.26
5Got Issues (10)Grim Batol643.55
6Light (10)Argent Dawn643.00
7Nihilum (10)Tarren Mill642.98
8ALL IN (25)Ragnaros642.96
9Infinitum Praelium (10)Argent Dawn642.85
10Order of the White.. (10)Grim Batol642.72
11Prime (25)Tarren Mill642.63
12Saníty (10)Defias Brotherhood642.61
13MCO (25)Shadowsong642.57
14Anima (10)Wildhammer642.30
15Morose Delectation (10)Frostmane642.14
16Ninjapartio (25)Darksorrow641.71
17Entropy (10)Bronzebeard641.69
18The Mystics (10)Saurfang641.67
19Luce (25)Draenor641.66
20Method (25)Twisting Nether641.58
21Consequence (25)Nordrassil641.53
22UnknownError (10)Frostwhisper641.51
23Sound (10)Kazzak641.49
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