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FR Guild Item Level Rankings

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RankGuildRealmItem Level
1One Leap To Heaven (25)Kirin Tor587.58
2From Scratch (25)Sargeras587.38
3Reign of Nemesis (25)Medivh587.37
4The Fallen (25)Ysondre587.06
5Trinity (25)Hyjal586.87
6Andraste (10)Dalaran586.75
7NerZ (25)Elune586.59
8Frozen Moon (10)Archimonde586.42
9Epsilon (25)Kirin Tor586.32
10Spiters (25)Conseil des Ombres586.32
11Si Vis Pacem Parab.. (25)Sargeras586.29
12The Hive (25)Cho'gall586.27
13Revival X (10)Cho'gall586.26
14Yes We Can (10)Medivh586.07
15Larmes de Hadès (25)Dalaran586.06
16Quichons (25)Elune586.05
17WarGuilds (25)Throk'Feroth585.94
18Restricted (25)La Croisade écarlate585.90
19Bloody Tearz (10)Dalaran585.83
20Twisted Minds (10)Hyjal585.81
21Niebelungen (25)Khaz Modan585.70
22Axion (10)Cho'gall585.64
23Sanguis Honorem (10)Ysondre585.62
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