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FR Guild Item Level Rankings

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RankGuildRealmItem Level
1From Scratch (25)Sargeras672.18
2One Leap To Heaven (25)Kirin Tor669.11
3Limitless (25)Ysondre668.15
4The Fallen (25)Ysondre666.49
5Wraith (25)Sargeras665.98
6Trinity (25)Hyjal664.25
7Reign of Nemesis (25)Medivh663.61
8Freak Me Out (25)Arak-arahm663.44
9The Howl (25)Kael'Thas661.34
10Restricted (25)La Croisade écarlate661.29
11Quichons (25)Elune661.05
12Bloody Tearz (25)Dalaran660.97
13Cwol KwA (25)Kirin Tor660.40
14Axion (25)Cho'gall660.25
15WarGuilds (25)Throk'Feroth659.91
16Sense (25)Archimonde659.16
17Prophets (25)Garona658.92
18Nightstorm (25)Hyjal658.73
19Lunatïc (25)Ysondre658.64
20Pandemønium (25)Hyjal658.24
21Project (25)Hyjal657.68
22Meltdown (25)Hyjal657.46
23Twisted Mind (25)Sargeras657.42
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