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Oceanic Guild Item Level Rankings

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RankGuildRealmItem Level
1Lotion (20)Saurfang732.92
2Honestly (20)Frostmourne732.79
3Elevation (20)Frostmourne732.25
4Entropy (20)Frostmourne732.22
5Ordeal (20)Frostmourne732.00
6Enigma (20)Barthilas731.62
7Scared of the Dark (20)Frostmourne731.45
8Wizards IRL (20)Jubei'Thos731.33
9A Clash of Kings (20)Jubei'Thos731.31
10Prime (20)Dreadmaul730.86
11Ajantis (20)Saurfang730.73
12CheckMyLogs (20)Frostmourne730.44
13The Stylish Few (20)Barthilas730.09
14One (20)Frostmourne729.97
15Barbershop Quartet (20)Frostmourne729.77
16Ascension (20)Barthilas729.73
17Set to Mystic (20)Frostmourne729.71
18Phantasmagoria (20)Aman'Thul729.57
19Sif (20)Dath'Remar729.45
20Enigma (20)Saurfang729.43
21Nazgul (20)Khaz'goroth729.24
22SOS Brigade (20)Dath'Remar729.22
23Exempt (20)Thaurissan728.92
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