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US Guild Item Level Rankings

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RankGuildRealmItem Level
1Eternal Kingdom (20)Proudmoore745.05
2Reload (20)Dalaran745.02
3Midwinter (20)Sargeras744.95
4Seriously Casual (20)Sargeras744.72
5Vindicatum (20)Icecrown744.67
6Promethean (20)Stormreaver744.64
7WHATEVER WERE AWES.. (20)Magtheridon744.59
8Exiled Legion (20)Zul'jin744.53
9DNOgaming (20)Kil'Jaeden744.53
10Lotion (20)Saurfang744.48
11Dethroned (20)Area 52744.47
12Get Well Soon (20)Sargeras744.47
13Sublime (20)Borean Tundra744.46
14Vision (20)Kel'Thuzad744.44
15Big Dumb Guild (20)Illidan744.41
16Capital Vices (20)Eredar744.40
17Encore (20)Illidan744.40
18Reckoning (20)Mannoroth744.38
19Simple Math (20)Andorhal744.34
20Scared of the Dark (20)Frostmourne744.33
21Raiding Rainbows (20)Illidan744.33
22Limit (20)Illidan744.32
23Death Jesters (20)Stormrage744.30
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