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US Guild Item Level Rankings

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RankGuildRealmItem Level
1Ascension (25)Barthilas673.95
2Blood Legion (25)Illidan673.43
3Nightmare Asylum (25)Mug'thol673.38
4Midwinter (25)Sargeras673.36
5Avast (25)Jubei'Thos673.29
6TF (25)Hyjal671.45
7Reckoning (25)Mannoroth671.15
8Encore (25)Illidan670.84
9Smitus and Friends (25)Sargeras670.60
10Duality (25)Zul'jin670.34
11Topped Off (25)Illidan670.22
12Overture (25)Mal'Ganis670.09
13Promethean (25)Stormreaver669.68
14WHATEVER WERE AWES.. (25)Magtheridon669.01
15Blood Runs Cold (25)Stormrage668.84
16Vigil (25)Mal'Ganis668.77
17Alone (25)Aerie Peak668.57
18Addiction (25)Bleeding Hollow668.28
19Tyranny (25)Shattered Hand667.78
20Divinity (25)Kel'Thuzad667.70
21Razzia (25)Arthas667.65
22Pie Chart (25)Bleeding Hollow667.38
23One Shot (25)Thaurissan667.31
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