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US-Aman'Thul Battle Pet Score

PvE Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24Sabreclaw (u)Eternal Guardians25202.99
25AngryßearKnights of The Horde24847.71
26Teranna (u)Eternal Guardians24743.54
28Farooshknights of the dar..23993.48
29Tëmpest (u)Children of the Sh..23234.86
30LeniyaThe Dollhouse23021.31
31BriannarTeam Strudel22907.30
32TrigoniasTwo Drinks Minimum22851.40
34DalwaThe Dollhouse22212.34
35KnyneLes Magnifiques22184.60
36MinordibLes Magnifiques22150.43
37Hypertensiôn (u)Two Drinks Minimum22069.46
38ShalïndrïaCry Of The Valkyrie21739.89
39BeetrootsOrder of the Exiled21725.77
40IdoleKnights of The Horde20741.95
41BursarThe Foundry20737.34
42Dagonneknights of the dar..20671.05
44Whiteopalknights of the dar..20078.41
45GrumpygeezerBloody Oath19979.43
46CenuijZero Gravitas19941.73
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