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US-Blackwater Raiders Battle Pet Score

RP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24Huntrys (u)Rolling Old School15159.42
26Fargomccloud 14897.33
27MightypawOrder Of The Templ..14711.06
28PancholeenForest of Arden14178.72
29RhiannonhDivine Intervention13996.35
30KaattLegacy of the Storm13735.35
31BluudshotLords Of Salem13534.66
32LallThe Fallen Legacy13512.26
33Remembrant (u)Nefarious13309.88
34Autonomic (u)Brotherhood of Sha..13297.90
35DysreflexiaHërëtics of the Ho..13297.90
36OsasDemonic Consultation13287.11
38GrufvonstuckThe Fallen Legacy12794.62
39CatnapKnights of Crusade12436.01
40PatchmeThe Fallen Legacy12436.01
41DynomeKnights of Crusade12436.01
42NovaeKnights of Crusade12436.01
43PatchemKnights of Crusade12436.01
44ZuulnaKnights of Crusade12436.01
46DarkeningbowFights Like a Girl12069.89
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