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US-Cenarion Circle Battle Pet Score

RP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24Sibsey (u)Night on Fire17075.79
25EthaanFruit of Elune16873.69
26FionellaOrder of the Ebon ..16681.61
27GummelleOld Kingdom Guardi..16401.94
28SteelsongManus Ignota16368.12
29FunyThe Rib Cage16331.04
30ArmøBank It16320.46
31Zhuibu 16209.83
32VixisGrim Maw Clan15877.50
33Vixyth 15877.50
34Penningtonia (u)Lêgion15614.81
35ArcusaesopiDeath From Above15527.61
36NazdakLords of Deception15194.32
37WrupertThe Scorched Heart14555.00
38Ebohla 14555.00
39Surprizmfkais leet14527.00
40BriesseNightmare Force14370.27
41PiquaboNightmare Force14370.27
42Wruprekt 14370.27
43FlayaDarkness Unleashed14329.11
44SyntasiaDisciple of Lucidi..14168.38
45MajestaFruit of Elune13964.99
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