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US-Connected Maelstrom Battle Pet Score

RP-PvP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24IfrolichardWCP Hunting Lodge27119.41
25FièrydeathFires of Tirisfal26426.06
26ShevajadeRavens Fury25612.17
27SameenaHorde Strike Force24150.29
28OsirianBlood Sworn23576.20
29MurakiWorld PvP is Back22694.17
30MullenWorld PvP is Back22694.17
31TatsumiWorld PvP is Back22694.17
32WatariWorld PvP is Back22694.17
33TukariWorld PvP is Back22694.17
34SchroWorld PvP is Back22694.17
35TitraWorld PvP is Back22694.17
36MurrakiWorld PvP is Back22694.17
38BaltricBlood Divine22078.49
39BartholomeoThe Grim Covenant21886.80
40VaericBlood of the Old G..20272.47
41Pebbls (u)Completely Smashed20253.38
42DimplesThe Exiled Warlord19867.37
43BazooConstant Threat19836.19
44Horiffic (u)House Dragonmoon19421.56
45DemophonPhantom Eclipse18988.56
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