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US-Connected Sen'Jin Battle Pet Score

PvE Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24Amargery (u)SummuS43723.69
25SoulularBlue Phoenix43719.10
26CochranCult of the Dead Cow43719.10
27SavanaaLast Exiles43408.60
29Auntlou (u)Cant Heal Stupid43319.38
30RamsterWrath of Thunder43284.40
31ThorobanPoet Society43035.99
32Scrapple (u)The Gods of War42911.79
33CamembertArrested Development42911.79
34Elorenia (lfg)Imminent Failure42582.00
35SinnessaProvoked Catalysts42231.88
36NicylaThe Knights who sa..41992.60
37CerriBig Crits41607.67
38AkineKnights Who Say Ni40063.15
39Yamamamon 39635.02
40Deathstrikes (u)The Dragons39114.08
41LimstellahMinus Fifteen38922.35
43WarkittyKnight Owl37192.12
44SickswimmerHalo of Winter35669.44
45HitotsuShadow Tribe35427.12
46KyavahFor Honor35317.32
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