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US-Connected Shadow Council Battle Pet Score

RP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24ZanndraNatural Order24245.83
25DischordeGods of Brutality24061.13
26Leeloominai (u)Silence23887.39
27Osas 23294.01
28YrilLegacy of the Storm22902.46
29LiatauDivine Intervention22615.16
30TenebThe Dark Passengers22031.23
31SnagyourswagEpic After Dark21229.43
32KilliandeuxAttention Span LTD20808.01
33Hemming 20808.01
34VeroushkaThe Fallen Legacy20656.62
35Dragondaddy 20594.64
36ChasworghunTwilight Chapter20539.87
38Thesoulless (u)Lords Of Salem19690.53
39DanavanTwilight Chapter19245.64
41BellakivaKnights Resurrection18792.38
42MíkóDeath Unlimited18286.99
43BellefindSerenity in Solitude18172.45
44ZeviaDeath by Fire18030.94
45VegetableCelestial Dragons17638.66
46LallThe Fallen Legacy17525.29
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