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US-Connected Shadow Council Battle Pet Score

RP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24JaxziaTwilight Chapter15419.98
25RyuujínThe Circle of Cham..15094.63
26CravenofThe Fallen Legacy14625.27
27UprollTwilight Chapter14530.34
28MengchinEpic After Dark14187.80
29NaiokiGod of Wargasms13882.09
30OlbidaTitans Judgment13545.10
31LoniganDivine Intervention13468.70
32MaleqDeja Vu13433.48
33DianaziaThe Second Coming13169.50
34OrcestraightFull Disclosure13086.94
35ZepharTwilight Chapter13055.83
36DurotharKnights Templâr12640.41
37NileyThe Valiant Guardi..12487.35
38HuhotDivine Intervention12458.30
39ZareennaKingdom Of Light12447.42
40Kittymau 12417.77
41NessahelyanFamilia Amicitia12318.77
42AlirroDEFENDERS NINE11925.18
43VespertinaSons of the Dragon11887.56
44MondragonThe NightsWatch11842.45
45RenxDeja Vu11751.92
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