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US-Connected Shadow Council Battle Pet Score

RP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24Macaoidh (u)Wolves of the Gods..13980.04
25ElskeligeDeath by Fire13826.92
26MymeatishugeGod of Wargasms13475.50
27TarmoTitans Judgment13145.91
28CassireKingdom Of Light12648.06
29NatherenKnight Soldiers12239.12
30Sunwhísper 12231.37
31Ederus (u)Æon12219.33
32HelgarLegion of Heroes12060.88
33GwaeniihaLakeshire Dredging..11791.37
34HolywarriorKingdom Hearts11529.10
35SpoiledboneThe Pride of Azeroth11152.55
37SwiftspearKnights Resurrection10928.70
38AgithaGuardians of Innoc..10873.64
39Asticus (u)Kaizen10503.46
40Dågon 10138.31
41Jaska 10132.33
42AdragonLe Rouge de Mourte9719.94
43Cavaliere 9180.91
44GarrulousTwilight Chapter9058.17
45SunraysDisciples of Apoca..8446.38
46ThorgeirLegion of Heroes8380.38
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