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US-Connected Shadow Council Battle Pet Score

RP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24ChristaeLast Pull11692.22
25HeavenleyGuardians of Innoc..11295.15
27EllusionGod of Wargasms11198.58
29Benthas (u)Death by Fire10641.77
30ClispKingdom Hearts10231.60
31PreacharoundTitans Judgment9984.01
32AdhelmoTwilight Chapter9743.33
33Holyblessing (u)Backlash9493.07
34ChylliiThe Wildlings9368.67
35SakaiyahThe Divine Conspir..9296.09
36Ailiona (u)Crimson Halo9293.03
37Mairette 9232.85
39DrakconiaGods of Brutality8920.52
40LoctalSwiftstride Clan8796.43
41Awmuffin 8749.99
42DiazepamNoobs Dont Grind F..8595.73
43Kyndrah 8349.21
44AstrytosNight Song8038.17
45TinkérbellLegion of Despair7959.11
46AñthraxThe NightsWatch7741.68
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