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US-Connected Shadow Council Battle Pet Score

RP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24MakmournLegacy of the Storm7346.42
25CharlizaLegion of Heroes7290.65
26Teris (u)Sons of the Dragon7193.03
27TehaksorLords Of Salem7055.61
29AgatonEpic After Dark6910.02
30Sindarie 6828.73
32LambusFights In The Shade6301.53
34AustendarcyThe Wild Hunt5518.48
35KaelialnRighteous Vindicat..5489.04
36PutressRoyaI Apothecary S..5421.58
37SparklelinStormwind Royal Gu..5267.09
38ZeleusLight Brigade5109.67
39DemilordCosmic Chi5094.31
40KatarinDemonic Consultation5069.34
41AddysonFor the Shinies4830.03
42CareenHalcyonic Keepers4778.62
43GÿnDemonic Consultation4128.86
44LadiyroseLegion of Despair4124.67
45SerendethThe Valiant Guardi..3967.95
46QuinlanaLast Pull3888.85
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