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US-Connected Shadow Council Battle Pet Score

RP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24NýmNothing to See Here15652.39
25Waldingo 15572.25
27BonesnapNights of Viscera14872.30
28HowllucinatiCeltic Blue Champi..14785.47
29KarithSons of the Dragon14700.74
30Abidingdude 14595.99
31KeroseenEpic After Dark14244.57
32FynniousHappy Phantom14075.30
33BastisisTitans Judgment13994.21
34Strongsad 13838.14
35Sturmaxe 13060.94
36CharricSacred Hollows12909.80
37Morts 12639.83
38NautalisGods of Brutality12230.74
39ShapiperDisciples of Lemmy12163.10
41DraconsteelObsidian Order11886.36
42ScassariaFights Like a Girl11864.26
43OlpiwaFights Like a Girl11714.93
44Narmi (u)Twilight Chapter11637.93
45NorthshieldAlea Jacta Est11589.34
46Sunzoo 11418.25
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