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US-Connected Terenas Battle Pet Score

PvE Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24ChuutriitZombie Ant Uprising10735.82
25WarnedThats How We Roll10475.08
26TygraleanaReign of Apocalypse10453.60
27LucassarinGiddy Up And Go10436.01
28Satyrion 10125.83
29Shaymoo (u)Keepers of the Dusk9844.13
30Vestra (u)Retribution9704.04
31KaliyahThats How We Roll9456.31
32SovrynOpera non Verba9347.02
33DzangRed Shirts9344.26
34KanamerOut of Exile9233.72
35JunawahaSafe Haven9030.02
36AnrakOut of Exile8754.29
37StarfangObsidian wings8630.55
38AwakaDire Legion8377.97
39Pandore (u)Reinkarnation8343.82
42Sateene (u)Days End7760.22
43JáynePolitically Incorr..7640.28
44LìliyThe Society7599.53
45Mizeria (u)Out of Exile7509.44
46ImsmallAfter Midnight7419.14
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