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US-Connected Terenas Battle Pet Score

PvE Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24Pandajazz 3898.01
25TaliOut of Exile3238.90
26ChaosOpera non Verba2927.70
27Rajivari 2859.98
28WhisperfistVictoria non Praeda2687.73
29ShelongThe Red Army2633.22
30DamyeanmonkParadise Lost2622.64
31RamudaUpside Down2603.01
32HongkongfueyGnome Ravagers2548.13
33KasaraniAfter Midnight2475.46
34RyúMake Me A Sammich2280.62
36WindshifterSoulfire Tribe1912.85
38Annabellah 1828.88
39Beefsupremez (u) 1691.00
40BruceleeroyyZombie Ant Uprising1645.67
41BoxenThe Conquerors1559.73
42Amichi 1557.02
43GufeifanUnemployed Felons1249.61
44PohjoOrder of the Goat1151.64
45MünkybootyB O H I C A1123.64
46ÎmperilTriat Deux1107.25
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