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US-Drak'Tharon Battle Pet Score

PvP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

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1DarlockeRise of The Brothe..9279.57
2LupadumalIn Flagrante Delicto7449.80
3Karbn 6078.86
4CadavreOctopus Overlords5201.27
5TurbosFlesh and Fire5115.43
6BabeôTouch Of Death5081.78
7ZarinaThunder Quacks4246.92
8SydibooIn Flagrante Delicto3504.59
10CurrensyContemporary Heroes2691.90
11OmgisaiamanThe Ácádemy2629.40
12SkullamaniaDream Devourers2206.02
13AvexxContemporary Heroes1907.52
14TrowabartonImminent Death1849.58
15MictlanteClan Snugglebears1721.63
16KordenChaotic Unity872.75
17TurbulanceBow Chicka WOW WOW842.71
18Bustakeg 692.24
19Lonestarkl 521.52
20PurkinjeRise of The Brothe..520.82
22Tiryth (u) 277.68
23FelandrianRise of The Brothe..271.28
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