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US-Hydraxis Battle Pet Score

PvE Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24KhedhaUnemployed Felons6769.45
25Alando 6596.09
26ZaralynLord of the Knights6563.11
27SofiinaUnified Fighters6505.10
28Reluctor 6342.42
29AllanreignsIs a Apple Crisp H..6225.56
30Ertris 6187.69
32VassoHydraxis Maladriots5955.66
33DestarianThe Conquerors5878.62
34Kallabon 5678.10
35Tanhoff 5663.01
36NightshádeReign of Apocalypse5592.91
37StárskyObsidian wings5511.81
38GaliorSocially Inept5397.57
40Zanzil 4950.45
41ElmartKnow Your Place4773.61
42Osiiris 4700.73
43AdolinGnome Ravagers4505.00
44GlekThe Conquerors4315.60
45BeriniaThe Slive4310.05
46PoondarenCome Honor Chest4266.20
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