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US-Moon Guard Battle Pet Score

RP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

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1Geshna 33171.81
2Elfuego (u)Demonic Hordes23773.13
3SerenytiElevator Boss Cham..23674.56
4ModrakeElevator Boss Cham..22790.96
5Mooncherry 22385.83
6Moon (u)Dirty Laundry21980.91
7EntilzhàDalaran Magocracy20838.03
8JembayaUnspoken Oath20011.81
9Autumnsunset (u)Leap of Faith19347.20
10BlueslytCompanions of the ..18182.83
11PsirusThe Oathsworn Vigil17755.01
12QuellisScreaming Bees15723.10
13Glyllena (u)Shadows of Argus15597.80
14Dree (u)First Light15491.49
15DlonSouthern Skies15066.41
16TitrigaCamp Campingston F..14731.21
17SpavairiaMammoth Consortium14562.59
18AialyThe Midnight Inn14546.35
19DosatoonKnights of Frolic14043.80
20Dinec 13649.20
21Notà 13516.98
22ElyceaEthereal Accord13419.35
23ThranduilleThe Deadly Scorpions13326.65
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