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US-Stormrage Battle Pet Score

PvE Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24NymrielleRising Tide21610.92
25ZendizMutal Force21362.17
27Harrymanback 20768.06
28BanitakNo Dice20487.27
29AvestinLost and Found20423.18
30Ferronfang 20417.07
31ChthonicHell Gate19993.79
32Equitius 19873.03
33Krixsus 19365.84
34VaozHouse of Retribution19151.59
35HezekThe Redeemed18922.89
36NimmitabelShadow Hunters18006.10
37Karua (u)Alpha and the Omega17964.31
38PeroxisomeI got a Horde on17874.57
39RockïeThe Company17831.60
40Kottoncandy 17592.55
41PhoenyxxAzeroths Knights17478.10
42Detri 17418.35
43Juxiana (u)The Away Team17190.12
44Olympîa 17097.65
45ChestylarueeThe Once Forgotten17015.06
46Kachyna 16996.44
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