Why our progress is wrong?

2 years ago

1. Check Battle.net profiles of players that participated in the kill. Is progression (not achievement!) in their Battle.net profiles up-to-date?

If not, please create a ticket for Blizzard Support. Ideally, every player in your raid should create it, the more tickets created, the better.

We are not going to to adjust your progress manually without Battle.net data, it will only make things worse.

2. Check that the players that participated in the kill still in your guild.

3. Check that there are at least 7 players with the boss kill in your guild.

4. Try to update your progress one more time.

4. Transferred or renamed guilds, transferred or renamed characters may have issues with progress updating, we are going to fix it.

5. If you checked 1-4 AND characters progression in Battle.net is up-to-date and WoWProgress still not updating, please send us email to admin[at]wowprogress.com.
IMPORTANT! You MUST actually read and check 1-4 before sending us email!
We will NOT adjust your progression if your Battle.net data is invalid!


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