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How to add Battletag with special characters

3 years ago

If you have special characters in your Battletag (Hieroglyph, Cyrillic, Umlauts) and if you were unable to add it on DiabloProgress, here is a solution for you:

1. Enter your Battletag in the Battletag Form and press "Go".

2. Wait for "Your search did not match any objects" message.

3. You will see "Lookup on" button below. Press the button and wait 5-10 seconds.

4. Reload the page.

5. Profit!


  1. Flejnen
    Rating: +2 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    Cant see the "Lookup on"
  2. ShotCallah3
    Rating: [-][+]
    2 years ago
    wow thank you this help me!
  3. Franah
    Rating: [-][+]
    2 years ago
    I can not add my BattleTag / character :(
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