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EU-Connected Emerald Dream Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Lunar4226/7 (M)
2Paradeux6936/7 (M)
3Víci (r)10835/7 (M)
4Aurum (r)16103/7 (M)
5Angels Of Ares (r)18543/7 (M)
6The Reckless (r)19423/7 (M)
7Illumina22792/7 (M)
8Project B (r)32732/7 (M)
9VII (r)34092/7 (M)
10Safety Not Guarant.. (r)34812/7 (M)
11Omen35272/7 (M)
12Headhunters35762/7 (M)
13Renaissance (r)38392/7 (M)
14Last Try of the Ev..39722/7 (M)
15Exiles40222/7 (M)
16Exodus44562/7 (M)
17Adrastos (r)44682/7 (M)
18Bridgeburners (r)46172/7 (M)
19Indecisive46352/7 (M)
20The Vikings (r)73161/7 (M)
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Mythic Highmaul

M: Kargath Bladefist 27 Kargath Bladefist Mythic videos
M: The Butcher 3 The Butcher Mythic videos
M: Brackenspore 6 Brackenspore Mythic videos
M: Tectus 3 Tectus Mythic videos
M: Twin Ogron 19 Twin Ogron Mythic videos
M: Ko'ragh 2 Ko'ragh Mythic videos
M: Imperator Mar'gok 0

Heroic Highmaul

H: Kargath Bladefist 101 Kargath Bladefist Heroic videos
H: The Butcher 70 The Butcher Heroic videos
H: Brackenspore 62 Brackenspore Heroic videos
H: Tectus 64 Tectus Heroic videos
H: Twin Ogron 70 Twin Ogron Heroic videos
H: Ko'ragh 54 Ko'ragh Heroic videos
H: Imperator Mar'gok 33 Imperator Mar'gok Heroic videos

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