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EU-Connected Frostwhisper Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1DarkStorm (r)4811/13 (M)
2Memento (r)6711/13 (M)
3Bird is the Word (r)1759/13 (M)
4Physix (r)6354/13 (M)
5UnknownError (r)7173/13 (M)
6Unlimited Ltd7313/13 (M)
7Legends Reborn (r)8433/13 (M)
8When Yer Ready Paul (r)1759 13/13 (H)
9Showdown (r)2046 12/13 (H)
10Money for Nothing (r)2825 12/13 (H)
11Saunatauko3277 11/13 (H)
12This is hopeless (r)3664 10/13 (H)
13FIN4150 9/13 (H)
14many raptor4253 9/13 (H)
15Moronic Impression4292 8/13 (H)
16Reckless Doom4823 8/13 (H)
17Napalmikuolema4937 7/13 (H)
18From The Ashes4994 7/13 (H)
19Nefarious (r)5555 7/13 (H)
20Odins Beard (r)6153 6/13 (H)
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