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EU-Connected Kilrogg Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Imperium (r)17411/13 (M)
2Quelm (r)5846/13 (M)
3XIS (r)9365/13 (M)
4THoF (r)11395/13 (M)
5Møtiøn12764/13 (M)
6Craze21402/13 (M)
7Renaissance22261/13 (M)
8Emerald Eternity (r)26241/13 (M)
9Riptide26481/13 (M)
10Storm (r)3017 13/13 (H)
11Treehugging Hippies3112 13/13 (H)
12DragonLance3644 12/13 (H)
13Momentum (r)3932 12/13 (H)
14Resolve (r)4671 12/13 (H)
15Neverwas4723 12/13 (H)
16Minerva4951 12/13 (H)
17Organised Confusion (r)5058 12/13 (H)
18Creatures of Honour5152 12/13 (H)
19Last Judgement5195 12/13 (H)
20Ascended5609 11/13 (H)
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