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EU-Connected Kilrogg Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Immersion90723/13 (M)
22Polanie94202/13 (M)
23Danish Battle Hawks95612/13 (M)
24Renaissance97281/13 (M)
25Emerald Eternity98301/13 (M)
26Dark Souls99791/13 (M)
27Safe Haven102931/13 (M)
28Tamosbitar103291/13 (M)
29National Guard104621/13 (M)
30Treehugging Hippies11098 13/13 (H)
31Neverwas11207 13/13 (H)
32Momentum11238 13/13 (H)
33Creatures of Honour11438 13/13 (H)
34Organised Confusion (r)11543 13/13 (H)
35Envy11802 13/13 (H)
36Dream Team Istra12035 13/13 (H)
37Fiction12535 13/13 (H)
38Flames of Fury12590 13/13 (H)
39Viva Hollandia12884 13/13 (H)
40Critters Ate My Pu..13111 13/13 (H)


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