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EU-Connected Shadowsong Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1eXsto (r)32313/13 (M)
2Postal114013/13 (M)
3Fury (r)133013/13 (M)
4Genesis133313/13 (M)
5Original135013/13 (M)
6Legion of Justice152813/13 (M)
7MCO287711/13 (M)
8Better Than Life297611/13 (M)
9Closure346611/13 (M)
10Goblins354811/13 (M)
11Light of Eärendil370111/13 (M)
12Tainted420510/13 (M)
13Core of Insight47729/13 (M)
14Sarmatia48649/13 (M)
15Exalted Reborn (r)53259/13 (M)
16Finnish Brute Force54308/13 (M)
17Amberkin Tribe65805/13 (M)
18Immersion69675/13 (M)
19Exhumed (r)70145/13 (M)
20Wrath of Wisdom76155/13 (M)
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