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EU-Connected Shadowsong Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1eXsto (r)32213/13 (M)
2Genesis (r)111312/13 (M)
3Postal (r)116312/13 (M)
4Original (r)125112/13 (M)
5Fury134712/13 (M)
6MCO144011/13 (M)
7Better Than Life161511/13 (M)
8Legion of Justice (r)183911/13 (M)
9Closure239410/13 (M)
10Goblins35078/13 (M)
11Core of Insight35668/13 (M)
12Light of Eärendil39577/13 (M)
13Sarmatia43606/13 (M)
14Amberkin Tribe44555/13 (M)
15Finnish Brute Force47505/13 (M)
16Immersion49845/13 (M)
17Exhumed51025/13 (M)
18Tainted52495/13 (M)
19Hive (r)66663/13 (M)
20Renegades70912/13 (M)
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