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EU-Connected Stormreaver Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Reignited39909/13 (M)
22Struggle Squad56265/13 (M)
23Power of Will56265/13 (M)
24Qúeen57025/13 (M)
25Positive60455/13 (M)
26Homage64025/13 (M)
27Väkívaltakunta66285/13 (M)
28Aeterna80442/13 (M)
29Continuum81872/13 (M)
30Orgrimmar Merchants91221/13 (M)
31ROGUES GALLERY9758 13/13 (H)
32Brotherhood of the..9900 13/13 (H)
33Mistakes10140 13/13 (H)
34CSI Thunder Bluff10254 13/13 (H)
35Hybrid Species10326 13/13 (H)
36Veriveljet10347 13/13 (H)
37Caelum10363 13/13 (H)
38Provídence11539 13/13 (H)
39Gear Factory12244 13/13 (H)
40The Book Club12521 13/13 (H)


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