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EU-Connected Thunderhorn Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Supreme Legion (r)3275/13 (M)
2Bleached Bones5085/13 (M)
3Skill Gone (r)5585/13 (M)
4Nightshift (r)5615/13 (M)
5Anima9572/13 (M)
6Guinea Pig Tricked..13981/13 (M)
7Kovisjengi (r)14321/13 (M)
8Supreme Voodoo3199 11/13 (H)
9Dark Fantasy3234 11/13 (H)
10BrB biO3697 10/13 (H)
11Sixth Sense3975 9/13 (H)
12Finlandia5306 7/13 (H)
13Fantasy5781 6/13 (H)
14Lej Horde W Morde6569 6/13 (H)
15Phalanx6951 6/13 (H)
16The Dragon Order (r)6959 6/13 (H)
17Blood Wolves of th.. (r)6962 6/13 (H)
18Left Hand Path7104 5/13 (H)
19Chaotic Intent7116 5/13 (H)
20Optimus Amicitia7153 5/13 (H)
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