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EU-Connected Twilight's Hammer Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Peasants (r)8665/13 (M)
2Why no love (r)10135/13 (M)
3Outcast (r)10495/13 (M)
4Brothers in Arms (r)18223/13 (M)
5Renegade Legion18283/13 (M)
6Cult of the Doomed (r)21572/13 (M)
7Substance22072/13 (M)
8Order And Chaos24281/13 (M)
9Revenge Of The Fal..3420 13/13 (H)
10Seagulls (r)4054 12/13 (H)
11Natural Selection4651 12/13 (H)
12His Infernal Majesty5082 12/13 (H)
13Svea5223 12/13 (H)
14Quantum of Rage5241 12/13 (H)
15Voltage5347 12/13 (H)
16Lodisraum5682 11/13 (H)
17Purgatorium (r)6011 11/13 (H)
18Group Zero6188 10/13 (H)
19The Power Rangers6238 10/13 (H)
20The New Generation7562 8/13 (H)
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