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EU-Gorgonnash Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1Unic (recruiting)H: Halion161148.33
2Severed (10)H: Halion186148.33
3Night Conquers Day (recruiting)H: Halion284147.22
4Enigma (10)H: Halion1688128.89
5Core (recruiting)H: Halion1914121.11
6MUTED (10)H: Halion1917121.11
7Thunder of Draenor (recruiting)H: Halion2261105.56
8lunacyH: Halion323977.22
9PlageH: Halion358273.33
10ARRGH PIRATES (10)H: Halion406968.33
11Tantrum (10)H: Halion421265.56
12Redeemers of AzerothHalion546114.94
12LynX (25)Halion546114.94
14Judgement (25)Halion612514.94
15Seriously Guys (10)Halion773814.89
16non phixion (10)Halion778514.89
18HeavenShallBurn (25)Halion810214.89
19Death Warrior (10)Halion810814.89
20Dragon Storm ClanHalion834114.89
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