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EU-Silvermoon Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Judge (r)162913/13 (M)
22No Hard Feelings (r)163213/13 (M)
23Transcend165712/13 (M)
24Annihilation182112/13 (M)
25Winters Heart (r)184412/13 (M)
26The Burning Orb187812/13 (M)
27Midnight Asylum (r)195512/13 (M)
28Ravenous195912/13 (M)
29Go Defensive (r)201012/13 (M)
30OrganisationXII (r)205912/13 (M)
31Lazy Peon Tavern (r)212412/13 (M)
32Knights of the Cyrus (r)214912/13 (M)
33Avarice218511/13 (M)
34Expedient221611/13 (M)
35Origin224411/13 (M)
36Merge227511/13 (M)
37Deeprun Tram Secur..232311/13 (M)
38Asteria256711/13 (M)
39The Gathering Storm258811/13 (M)
40The Aftermath261311/13 (M)


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