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EU-Stormscale Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Supreme57155/13 (M)
22Old and Bitter60745/13 (M)
23nam61235/13 (M)
24Order of Legends62665/13 (M)
25Imperio63415/13 (M)
26DutchLegends66415/13 (M)
27POPPA BL66885/13 (M)
28Berras Allstars67695/13 (M)
29Skyfall68215/13 (M)
30Free Choice69505/13 (M)
31VENOM69595/13 (M)
32Agitated70565/13 (M)
33New Blood75183/13 (M)
34Polar75293/13 (M)
35Contrast80132/13 (M)
36Pickle My Eel80292/13 (M)
37Aiao82722/13 (M)
38Nvictus86321/13 (M)
39Depthcore88881/13 (M)
40Sanction90131/13 (M)


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