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1Silent (10)Illidan8/8 (H)44666.67
2Freak Me Out (10)Arak-arahm8/8 (H)41166.67
3Trinity (10)Archimonde7/8 (H)40000.00
4Wait for It (10)Ysondre8/8 (H)38500.00
5Above Average (10)Elune8/8 (H)38500.00
6Elda Taluta (10)Cho'gall8/8 (H)38166.67
7Hørd Møde (10)Dalaran8/8 (H)37000.00
8Echoes (10 recruiting)Garona8/8 (H)37000.00
9u s e l e s s (10)Sargeras8/8 (H)36833.33
10Spiters (10)Conseil des Ombres8/8 (H)36833.33
11Wave (10 recruiting)Hyjal8/8 (H)36500.00
12Para Bellum (10)Uldaman8/8 (H)36000.00
13Restricted (10)La Croisade écarlate8/8 (H)35333.33
14Insomnie (10)Elune7/8 (H)35000.00
15Reign of Nemesis (10)Medivh3/8 (H)35000.00
15Vindicta (10 recruiting)Sargeras8/8 (H)35000.00
17Helios (10)Eitrigg8/8 (H)34166.67
18The Unnamed (10)Marécage de Zangar8/8 (H)34166.67
19Denied (10)Sargeras8/8 (H)34166.67
20RIP (10)Eldre'thalas6/8 (H)34166.67
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    Basics: My guild is not listed
    8 days ago
    I'm receiving questions about guilds being not listed. Here is a short article to help you find or add your guild on WoWProgress.
    Comments: 2
    SimDPS Update
    12 days ago
    SimulationCraft released a new version with many fixes for Legion.
    Check out our updated SimDPS Rankings!
    Comments: 2
    Artifact details in character profiles
    14 days ago
    WoWProgress now provides artifact info in character profiles, including artifact level!

    Comments: 16
    Who got World First Level 110?
    1 month ago
    The answer is: we don't know yet. The armory updated only some characters.
    If you would like to watch current results, check Legion level 110 rankings

    Please keep in mind that:
    1. All times are GMT.
    2. The armory might not be updated yet for some characters.
    3. Level time comes from account-wide achievement. So only your first character will participate in this ranking.
    4. Some level info comes from guild rosters and the level time is unknown. In this case update time will be used.

    We are working on more site updates, stay tuned!

    In the meantime please also check Character item level rankings.
    Comments: 13
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