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KR-Windrunner Realm Ranking

PvE Realm


RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
21관포지교11/12 (H)79426322.43
22Neo Allons Y11/12 (H)80086304.26
23확고한동맹11/12 (H)80336296.49
24Team Medical Dragon11/12 (H)81166275.72
25사실은블덕여케하는니들이부럽다11/12 (H)81236274.45
26하로동선11/12 (H)82596239.46
27타나토11/12 (H)86856133.16
28Anahollis11/12 (H)87456120.18
29원궁11/12 (H)91066021.68
30막무가내11/12 (H)91276016.49
31신상앙큼이11/12 (H)91686006.11
32GuardiaN Of SouL11/12 (H)94525936.13
33Free For All11/12 (H)100005789.63
34소심한 사람들이 모여 만든 작은 ..11/12 (H)104265671.67
35B e s t11/12 (H)105795623.70
36로 또 대 박11/12 (H)108535549.80
37길드탈퇴11/12 (H)108595548.53
38U N I O N11/12 (H)109345528.16
39Like A Wind11/12 (H)114365391.66
40x SilveR HanD x11/12 (H)114595383.88
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