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TW-Arygos Realm Ranking

PvE Realm


RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
21OT (10)11/12 (H)69706619.27
22銀月之語11/12 (H)70246601.13
23血色薔薇11/12 (H)71896544.08
24Invincibility11/12 (H)74146477.99
25Deadly Whispers11/12 (H)74916452.04
26Just do it11/12 (H)78016362.57
27Contend11/12 (H)78206356.11
28HIDEyourfACE11/12 (H)79396325.00
29影子契約11/12 (H)79896310.74
30Fast And Furious11/12 (H)80526292.60
31Argetlam (25)11/12 (H)81796260.19
32夢幻傳說11/12 (H)81876258.90
33浮生偷閑11/12 (H)84636188.89
34聖殿 龍狼11/12 (H)84966179.81
35FRY11/12 (H)88626087.75
36墮落遠征軍11/12 (H)88756085.17
37蔬菜樂園先遣隊11/12 (H)88876082.58
38Wasteland Were Par..11/12 (H)89556065.72
39Oo SKYLINE oO11/12 (H)90566033.33
40遠征的不滅11/12 (H)92505987.96
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