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TW-Chillwind Point Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Live Or Die2514/14 (H)
2不一樣的格調6214/14 (H)
3艾澤拉斯的天空10813/14 (H)
4執著12312/14 (H)
5蒼狼月影17011/14 (H)
6絕傲部落2359/14 (H)
7Sky castle2369/14 (H)
8愛的抱抱2449/14 (H)
9The thunder2618/14 (H)
10王城白騎士3313/14 (H)
11三國聯軍3375/14 (H)
12四點五十五分3504/14 (H)
13God and Aces49814/14
14Seeing Space68014/14
20Bad ApPle84414/14
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1執著914/14 (H)
2不一樣的格調11014/14 (H)
3艾澤拉斯的天空12914/14 (H)
4愛的抱抱23314/14 (H)
5絕傲部落30214/14 (H)
6Live Or Die36713/14 (H)
7METROER53511/14 (H)
8蒼狼月影54911/14 (H)
9Sky castle55011/14 (H)
10God and Aces56411/14 (H)
11Blue Wings57911/14 (H)
12Bad ApPle59211/14 (H)
13囧幫68811/14 (H)
14永恆不朽72510/14 (H)
15Light n darkness8468/14 (H)
16四點五十五分8808/14 (H)
17samsara of fate8988/14 (H)
18闇夜之瞳9788/14 (H)
19康寧醫護暨管理專科學校9947/14 (H)
20殞月10426/14 (H)
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