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TW-Gnomeregan Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1億匯風險投資公司12/12 (H)31619803.59
2憤怒之翼 (10/25)12/12 (H)40018822.81
3群魔宮 (10)12/12 (H)67815434.82
4Just Gaming (25)12/12 (H)87914297.70
5WDKYINU11/12 (H)14536765.02
6問 鼎11/12 (H)14786742.47
7Falling Into Hyori11/12 (H)19706334.67
7SZT11/12 (H)19706334.67
9TheBest11/12 (H)20826260.52
10OY (10/25)11/12 (H)22446168.22
11淩 雲11/12 (H)24606017.84
12最終幻想11/12 (H)25185979.22
13終極戰意11/12 (H)25925936.45
14隨 緣 (25)11/12 (H)26935868.01
15心靈 (10)11/12 (H)28135790.73
16烏托邦11/12 (H)28755752.62
17evileye11/12 (H)30725626.90
18蜀道11/12 (H)31015606.15
19午夜之鐮11/12 (H)31535577.88
20Gloomy Friday11/12 (H)33955417.14
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