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TW Guild Rankings

21Punishment of AsiaSpirestoneH: Halion147.22
22超越 (25)Demon SoulH: Halion147.22
23Eternal Flame (25)Silverwing HoldH: Halion147.22
24why agianFrenzyheartH: Halion147.22
25Fire StormDeathwingH: Halion147.22
26iGnescentDreadmist PeakH: Halion147.22
27EternityArygosH: Halion147.22
28來自部落的愛 (10)IcecrownH: Halion147.22
29夢境之樹 (25)Light's HopeH: Halion147.22
30皇城Crystalpine StingerH: Halion147.22
31月澤Silverwing HoldH: Halion147.22
32mutAntArthasH: Halion147.22
33K O FSundown MarshH: Halion147.22
34Light of Dawn (10)SpirestoneH: Halion147.22
35紫金縹緲SkywallH: Halion147.22
36禁果NightsongH: Halion147.22
37翡翠夢境 (25)WhisperwindH: Halion147.22
38組織科爾蘇加德H: Halion147.22
38遊牧民族科爾蘇加德H: Halion147.22
40挑戰SartharionH: Halion147.22

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TW-Chillwind Point
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TW-Sundown Marsh
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    8 days ago
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    Hardware upgrade
    2 months ago
    WoWProgress and DiabloProgress sites now run on upgraded hardware. Along with this upgrade, the software platform, databases and libraries also got a big update.
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    Sorry everyone for the inconvenience! We need a few more days to polish things up.

    Everything should work as before now, including SimDPS!
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    Mythic+ Dungeons
    3 months ago
    Legion Mythic+ Dungeons look nice!

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    Achievement points, Pet score fixed
    7 months ago
    The bug with disappeared achievement points and missing pets should be fixed now.
    Please update your characters!
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