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TW Guild Rankings

21Asgard (25)Nightsong7/7 (H)23555.56
22錵花異族 非誠勿擾 (10)Gnomeregan7/7 (H)23333.33
23Nirvana (25)Quel'dorei7/7 (H)23222.22
24Eternity (25)Arygos7/7 (H)23111.11
25夢境之樹 (10)Light's Hope7/7 (H)23111.11
26Angelcity (10)World Tree7/7 (H)23000.00
27BurningMyth (10)Bleeding Hollow7/7 (H)22777.78
28Pearl of the Orient (10)Menethil7/7 (H)22777.78
29Mirage (10)Dreadmist Peak7/7 (H)22777.78
30Final Dawn (25)Frostmane7/7 (H)22666.67
31墜星海 (10)Balnazzar7/7 (H)22555.56
32Meteor (10)Warsong7/7 (H)22444.44
33築夢 (10)Wrathbringer7/7 (H)22444.44
34Pact of Shadow (10)Arthas7/7 (H)22444.44
35Light of Dawn (10)Chillwind Point7/7 (H)22444.44
36Dragon Soul (10)Arthas7/7 (H)22444.44
37Play for Uber (10)Sundown Marsh7/7 (H)22333.33
38LOST Times (25)Howling Fjord7/7 (H)22222.22
39iDream Tx (10)Demon Fall Canyon7/7 (H)22222.22
40Endless Comet (10)Whisperwind7/7 (H)22111.11

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TW-Chillwind Point
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TW-Sundown Marsh
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TW-Crystalpine Stinger
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