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US-Aerie Peak Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Divine Excuse78073/13 (M)
22Pack Sand89981/13 (M)
23Convert to Raid Mo..91471/13 (M)
24Forsaken Angels92271/13 (M)
25Convert to Raid Na..95551/13 (M)
26Offline96361/13 (M)
27Limit Break9953 13/13 (H)
28Convert to Raid Mo..10081 13/13 (H)
29Living Dead Dolls10467 13/13 (H)
30Convert to Raid Em..11446 13/13 (H)
31Outside the Box11496 13/13 (H)
32Virtute Et Armis11973 13/13 (H)
33Excessive12004 13/13 (H)
34The Gentlemen12005 13/13 (H)
35Sacred Chaos12099 13/13 (H)
36Forge Gaming12590 13/13 (H)
37Convert to Raid Ga..12624 13/13 (H)
38Wayward Enforcers12717 13/13 (H)
39Aims to Misbehave13127 13/13 (H)
40Grumpy Old Dwarves13554 13/13 (H)


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