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US-Arathor Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings



1Logical (r)26495/12
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1Nocuous165913/13 (H)
2Baddies Inc392313/13 (H)
3Requiem551111/13 (H)
4Midnight Marauders (r)567711/13 (H)
5Treason640911/13 (H)
6Core Three77538/13 (H)
7Logical (r)84247/13 (H)
8Ominous Latin Name126722/13 (H)
9The Underground146242/13 (H)
10Protectors of Wigg..147162/13 (H)
11Serious Business172851/13 (H)
12Royal House of Aze..174671/13 (H)
13Kami no Bushido175331/13 (H)
14We Kick Your Darna..189601/13 (H)
16Titans Of Azeroth2110812/12
19Crux of Humanity2251612/12
20Epic Holdings Inc2278812/12
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Heroic Throne of Thunder

H: Jin'rokh the Breaker 14 Jin'rokh the Breaker Heroic videos
H: Horridon 8 Horridon Heroic videos
H: Council of Elders 7 Council of Elders Heroic videos
H: Tortos 7 Tortos Heroic videos
H: Megaera 7 Megaera Heroic videos
H: Ji-Kun 9 Ji-Kun Heroic videos
H: Durumu the Forgotten 7 Durumu the Forgotten Heroic videos
H: Primordius 6 Primordius Heroic videos
H: Dark Animus 5 Dark Animus Heroic videos
H: Iron Qon 5 Iron Qon Heroic videos
H: Twin Consorts 5 Twin Consorts Heroic videos
H: Lei Shen 2 Lei Shen Heroic videos
H: Ra-den 2 Ra-den Heroic videos

Throne of Thunder

Jin'rokh the Breaker 47 Jin'rokh the Breaker Normal videos
Horridon 43 Horridon Normal videos
Council of Elders 39 Council of Elders Normal videos
Tortos 37 Tortos Normal videos
Megaera 32 Megaera Normal videos
Ji-Kun 32 Ji-Kun Normal videos
Durumu the Forgotten 30 Durumu the Forgotten Normal videos
Primordius 29 Primordius Normal videos
Dark Animus 26 Dark Animus Normal videos
Iron Qon 25 Iron Qon Normal videos
Twin Consorts 25 Twin Consorts Normal videos
Lei Shen 25 Lei Shen Normal videos

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