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US-Area 52 Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Sick Society (r)32282/7 (M)
22Cult (r)32332/7 (M)
23Shots Fired (r)33622/7 (M)
24Hellforged (r)34582/7 (M)
25Mixed Signals36272/7 (M)
26Stockholm Syndrome (r)36302/7 (M)
27The Casuals36462/7 (M)
28Swamp People37662/7 (M)
29Silly Salamanders (r)37712/7 (M)
30Citadel (r)37712/7 (M)
31Chosen Exile (r)38522/7 (M)
32Crisis (r)39962/7 (M)
33Lucid (r)39962/7 (M)
34Bane42702/7 (M)
35Dishonored46132/7 (M)
36House Of Hordes47862/7 (M)
37Damaged (r)48882/7 (M)
38Æther50722/7 (M)
39Ardent52502/7 (M)
40Constancy (r)52612/7 (M)
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Mythic Highmaul

M: Kargath Bladefist 89 Kargath Bladefist Mythic videos
M: The Butcher 12 The Butcher Mythic videos
M: Brackenspore 18 Brackenspore Mythic videos
M: Tectus 14 Tectus Mythic videos
M: Twin Ogron 52 Twin Ogron Mythic videos
M: Ko'ragh 8 Ko'ragh Mythic videos
M: Imperator Mar'gok 2 Imperator Mar'gok Mythic videos

Heroic Highmaul

H: Kargath Bladefist 326 Kargath Bladefist Heroic videos
H: The Butcher 246 The Butcher Heroic videos
H: Brackenspore 211 Brackenspore Heroic videos
H: Tectus 220 Tectus Heroic videos
H: Twin Ogron 237 Twin Ogron Heroic videos
H: Ko'ragh 182 Ko'ragh Heroic videos
H: Imperator Mar'gok 112 Imperator Mar'gok Heroic videos

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