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US-Azjol-Nerub Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Speciation388112/14 (H)
2Disturbing Lack of..453311/14 (H)
3Clan Battlehammer656810/14 (H)
4Amnesty776610/14 (H)
5Cry Havoc83249/14 (H)
6Finished Product83849/14 (H)
7Dark Renders Edge91829/14 (H)
8The Devils Advocates105178/14 (H)
9Knights of the Runes120847/14 (H)
10Fallen Legends130736/14 (H)
11Coup de Grâce (r)134717/14 (H)
12GIVE HIM THE FROG135216/14 (H)
13Legacy135716/14 (H)
14Infiltrate (r)143315/14 (H)
15Discerned Reality146515/14 (H)
16Oathsworn156134/14 (H)
17Centuria184362/14 (H)
18Darkness Disciples (r)188074/14 (H)
19dark zombie angel191991/14 (H)
20Serendipity196763/14 (H)
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