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US-Connected Boulderfist Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Ookem In The Dooker (r)4468/13 (M)
2Upper Echelon (r)15053/13 (M)
3Pretty Pink Pwnìes16492/13 (M)
4The Only Ones Left20511/13 (M)
5Euphoric (r)23591/13 (M)
6Molt (r)3535 12/13 (H)
7Singularity3934 12/13 (H)
8Serious4140 12/13 (H)
9Dragon Knight (r)5207 11/13 (H)
10UE5730 10/13 (H)
11Leet Force (r)6144 9/13 (H)
12Isolated Incident6512 9/13 (H)
13Dulce Bellum6787 8/13 (H)
14Prime6788 8/13 (H)
15Acta nøn Verba7086 8/13 (H)
16Army Of Heroes8180 7/13 (H)
17The Sindicate8181 7/13 (H)
18Victorious Secret9005 6/13 (H)
19Pandemic9120 6/13 (H)
20Open Source9414 6/13 (H)
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